Rust Never Sleeps

A Site Specific Installation, Uno Harbor in Southwestern Japan, 2005

Materials: Kozo, Sea Water, Pigment

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  This site was a railroad/ferry terminal that had been abandoned since the late ‘90’s. The railroad/ferry was called Uko-Renrakusen and was the only connection between the mainland and the island of Shikoku during the last century. The train had brought hardware from the mainland to exchange for fish and citrus from Shikoku Island. In 1990 a new bridge was build and the town, which had been a vital commercial center, faded. The platform was now used by weekend fisherman as a slab for gutting their catch. I wanted to offer yellow rings made out of handmade paper constructed directly on the concrete platform using seawater and the Japanese raw paper material, Kozo, which came from Shikoku Island. The color is yellow from the sun, the moon and citrus, also it is the color of hidden power to heal our souls.