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     “Embrace Tiger; Return to Mountain” is a movement in Yang style traditional Tai Chi. When I was practicing this movement, I just needed to empty my mind and let my body flow. Then, after injuring my knee, I couldn’t practice any more. Still, the power of the metaphor stayed with me.

We see the Tiger when we are at an intersection in the road waiting for the signal to change. The Tiger lies down on the hot sand of a beach, his long tongue falling out of his mouth. Underneath the table at a coffee shop, the Tiger is absolutely quiet as if he is not breathing, waiting for the moment to hunt. The Tiger is life. It’s only possible to embrace the Tiger by being open to what surrounds us.

My art teaches me patience and acceptance. The goal isn’t only making perfect objects but the engagement with the process, the practice. I want to continue to explore humanness in contemporary art making and to do so by focusing on objects and materials taken from everyday life. The idea of connecting art and everyday life continuously reminds me of the metaphor in “Embrace Tiger; Return to Mountain”


                                                                                           August 1st 2007
                                                                                           Izumi Ueda Yuu






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